The Best Selling Iphone Cases Of 2021 -22

Are you searching for the most excellent way to protect your latest iPhone? Then, you are in the right place. Buying a high-quality mobile case is one of the main concerns that allow you to protect your iPhone from various issues.

Although, in general, people love to buy new iPhone 12 Pro Max or any previous generations of Apple phones, to make the phone protective, it is important to have a tough protective iPhone 11 Pro Max skin wrap.

Without a doubt, it is a wise investment for your pricey device. In general, iPhones continue to get more durable and water-resistant but are still at risk of shattering the screen when accidentally dropped, so getting the best iPhone cases is important.

In addition, the best iPhone cases will help protect your phone against scratches and many other issues. However, not all iPhone cases are the same and created, so you need to focus on the sturdy thing to make everything simple. Whether you’re looking for a stable, slim, and extra-durable case, you must look at the online site.

Having a good case is a wise investment that can protect your iPhone from different aspects. Everyone knows that iPhone is pricey, so it is important to find the right Case which offers protection against scratches, cracks, etc.

Even this also allows you to personalize your phone. If you are looking for a quality iPhone 11 Pro Max skin wrap, then you are in the right place. The mobile cases conveniently attach to the phone and offer the most protection possible; here are some popular choices that surely impress you.

The worldwide cell phone incomes crossed the $100-billion imprint in Q1 2021, setting a first-quarter record driven by the leaders, which got the majority profit.

The main 10 rundowns of most elevated income netting models in Q1 2021 were overwhelmed by Apple and Samsung. The iPhone fixed the most elevated income than iPhone 12 and the S21 Ultra 5G.

1. Kung Fu Grip Slim Case

It is one of the most affordable and reliable choices for people seeking a no-nonsense protective case. It is made with flexible plastic, and it has finger grooves on the sides which also allow for better grip. Even this Case features corner air-pockets that also offer extra drop protection.

Now it is also available in various sizes, which is perfect for iPhone generations from 7 to 12; Kung Fu isn’t luxe-looking, and dialing up the style factor makes you feel richer. You can also upload custom images.


  • Dependable drop protection
  • Affordable price
  • Available for iPhone 7-12
  • Wireless charging compatible

2. Twinkle Ombre Case for iPhone

Looking for the best way to add a little sparkle to your phone? You are at the right place. The Twinkle Ombre Case for iPhone is the best choice. This line of Case-Mate cases also comes in 16 different glittery, and even you can find some shimmering colors.

The ultra-slim design and iPhone 12 full body wrap makes you feel great, and this also features a strong grip. Most importantly, it is embedded with Micropel technology. On the other hand, a layer of antimicrobial protection also claims to help control the spread of bacteria.

The manufacturer also claims 10-foot drop protection. The iPhone 11 Pro Max skin wrap is wireless charging compatible in addition to being available for approximately every generation of iPhone devices.


  • Available for iPhone 6-12
  • Claimed 10-foot drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatible

3. Silicone Case with MagSafe

If you own the latest iPhone or any other series, you must choose Apple’s MagSafe Case, and it can’t be beaten for ease of use which offers solid phone protection. Most importantly, it perfectly fits like a second skin. It is made by using a buttery-smooth silicone version and also a microfiber-lined Case easy to snap. Even the built-in magnets make everything simple.

It is perfectly compatible with Apple’s entire line, and it is popular due to its high quality & slim profile.


  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • Built-in magnets
  • Easy attachment
  • No need to remove the Case while charging

4. Rugged Case for iPhone

Rugged Case for iPhone is the best choice because it is made from “real, old style American leather, There is no synthetic chemicals or dyes insight. Overall the ultra-slim leather case is designed to impress everyone, and it is perfect for people who believe scuffs & scratches add character.

You can get these cases in black or brown Horween leather; overall, the Nomad Rugged case is composed perfectly with a durable polycarbonate body that wraps around a thermoplastic elastomer bumper.

So your phone will be protected from drops and falls, even no matter the angle. It is perfect for people who need to add a wallet component.


  • Claimed 6-foot drop protection
  • Defender Series Screenless iPhone Case
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • perfect iPhone XS, to 11 Pro Max

5. Presidio Wallet iPhone Case

Presidio Wallet iPhone Case is the best choice for people who need the convenience of a wallet-case combo; in general, the Speck Presidio Wallet is also a solid choice. Testers also found this to safeguard their phones, and also offer a place for three cards.

The iPhone 11 pro gold skin comes with multiple layers of protection. The manufacturers also claim that it held up to repeated drop tests linked with the button protection, which will allow for easy volume control. It is especially thicker than a basic case.


  • Offers Microban antimicrobial protection
  • Verified 13-foot drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatible


Otterbox is one of the best choices, and it is also known for its super-tough phone cases. Now it offers Defender Series doubles that come with durable layers even this also guards against the roughest drops, bumps, etc.

You can easily protect your mobile with these cases without a single scratch even if you love the combination belt-clip holster or the kickstand.

Overall iPhone 11 pro gold skin is also made it easy to prop the phone up to watch videos also comes in handy that helps avoid debris clogs. It is also compatible with Qi wireless technology, and the cover also comes in six colors.


  • Built-in belt-clip holster
  • Kickstand
  • Includes otterbox warranty
  • accessible for iPhone 7-12 to XR

7. Liquid Crystal iPhone Case

Looking for a transparent case? Spigen’s Liquid Crystal option is the best choice for you. It is one of the most affordable form-fitted cases and comes with slim and lightweight options.

Therefore, the iPhone 12 full body wrap can easily slide into a pocket. Even this Case is also compatible with Apple MagSafe accessories which supports wireless charging even helps for super-flexible for hassle-free removal.

It can offer medium protection and also protect your iPhone from everyday scratches, even avoid dents without added bulk.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Great price
  • Available for iPhone 12 and XR

8. Survivor Extreme iPhone Case

It is the best choice for youths who love to make their phone look tough but cool-looking. Even this Case also features absorbing bumpers.

In general, a solid build provides extended drop protection, even though it also has a polycarbonate back shell that offers super-strong and scratch-resistant.


  • Claimed 15-foot drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Available for iPhone 12 and XR

9. Juice Pack Air iPhone Case

If you are a fan of Mophie’s well-built cases, try this one because this will offer a built-in battery, and this also extends your charge.

The iPhone 12 full body wrap also offers great protection and comes with support pads that offer cushioning from drops and falls.


  • Magnetic back
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Rechargeable battery

For a certain reason, it tends to be utilized for contact following, a common cell phone application-driven exertion during the COVID-19 Covid pandemic that stood out enough to be noticed by tech goliaths like Google and Apple.

Also, in utilizing your cell phone, you might need to secure it. All things considered, you paid or are paying through portions of great cash for that telephone, so you should deal with it like the valuable freight that it is.

If you decide to use your telephone for a situation, you have a bunch of choices, as you probably are aware, assuming you’ve at any point visited some tech store or even web-based webpage.

How to shop for a new iPhone case

To shop for the best iPhone 11 pro gold skin, you need to focus on your model and phone size, also focus on some key factors,

  • Usability: go with easy access
  • Cost: Figure out your budget and choose the right one that meets all of your needs.
  • Durability: it is one of the main things that you need to focus
  • Protection: Choose a case made with shock-absorbent material
  • Lightweight and thin: avoid heavier options; go with a built-in battery charger or extra rubber.

Final thoughts

This article contains some of the most top best-selling iPhone cases of 2021. But, of course, as an iPhone user, if you need to protect your mobile, you must choose any quality cases before taking online reviews.

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