Custom Pen Boxes Suit your Packaging Needs

Why do we need Custom Pen Boxes?

Custom pen boxes are packaging for your pens and their accessories. The world needs its pens to climb the ladder of development and education.

Pens are among the widely used items in the world and their demand falls in between millions of units used or bought every day. Whether it is office work or children’s schoolwork, you will definitely need pens for the purpose of writing. To get involved in such a massive market you will definitely need packaging to complement such a product and this is where custom pen boxes come into play.

CustomBoxesZone offered custom pen boxes are most loved around the world since they are the market leader in custom product packaging and have earned their ranking for the finest of the boxes.

Custom pen boxes are used on many occasions around the world including gifts for people on special achievements, literary gatherings, school/college/office functions, college work, or office work. Their demand is rising every day and you will always need to be ahead of the competition by using our unique custompen boxes.

Suitable Materials

The custom pen boxes are popular with display boxes since it is the most widely used material for pen boxes. It is light, durable, and inexpensive. It can be designed in any way you want and have large coloring options.

Other materials used for custom pen boxes are two-piece boxes, corrugated boxes, flute boxes, and cardboard boxes, metallic display boxes, plastic display boxes, and sleeve boxes. These materials are chosen as per the specific requirements of clients and their product needs.

CustomBoxesZone has a huge variety of custom pen boxes and they manufacture their packaging with the finest materials available in the market. Their packaging is strong durable and flexible. Paperboard or cardboard boxes used by them for custom pen boxes are of strong build quality. They are also adapting eco-friendly Kraft packaging since they consider it their ethical responsibility to fight climate crises and contribute to the future of our children.

Reduced and Affordable Costs

The custom pen boxes offered by CustomBoxesZone come in a large variety of materials. All of their material choices contribute to the cost-effectiveness of doing business.

They use cardboard, Kraft, display-box, and sleeve-box materials for pen boxes and they reduce your production costs as well as shipping costs.

  • Boxes made with these materials do not require advanced production or assembly equipment which saves you production costs. They are easy to mold and turn to any shape fitting any type of product hence they greatly reduce your manufacturing costs.
  • The custom pen box materials do not require a special outlook in moving and shipping which reduces your labor costs. Their light materials also require less shipping capacity and space which also saves you further expenditure. These strong and durable materials protect your product from a long-haul journey and guarantee a safe delivery. They can also withstand rough handling and unforgivable conditions. All of these factors contribute to your lower costs which in turn you can spend on product quality and marketing efforts.

Packaging and Finishing

CustomBoxesZone provides you with great packaging solutions. We also provide quality services of coating, lamination, and finishing for your custom pen box packaging.

Some of the most favorite finishing and coating services include:

  • Gold coating: gold-colored coating of your box to protect it and give luxury feelings.
  • Silver coating: silver-colored coating protect the box and give luxury feelings.
  • Matte finish: simple and bold colored finishing giving a professional feel.
  • Soft-touch matte: simple and bold colored yet extra soft to touch giving you the feel of silk material.
  • Gloss finish: shiny colors with a fingerprint-proof, dust-proof, and dirt-proof material to give professional and party looks.
  • Satin finish: it is a combination of both matte and gloss with simple and bold color with dust and fingerprint-proof lamination.

Packaging Design and Digital-Printing

The custom pen boxes require special colors, designs, and art to attract buyers, especially scholars. CustomBoxesZone offers you beautiful custom boxes wholesale with lots of design options.

We offer CMYK, PMS, and without printing options for your digital printing. It also includes beautiful animated prints and cartoon prints for children.

Thanks to our unique materials we offer the addition of professional color schemes and patterns. The flexible box materials allow for molding to any type of design depending on the type and amount of pencils or your selling plan.

We Take Care of all your Packaging Needs

Your product and packaging needs are within our knowledge and we offer you custom offers accordingly. Pen packaging is a unique business that requires minor details to be considered and extra care to be taken. The success of your product is dependent on the packaging we offer you and we assure our clients they will never be disappointed.

The custom pen boxes offered by us include die-cutting, gluing, and scoring to enhance its looks and demand. This boosts their quality and offers more options for designing.

We further offer customizations to make them more unique and different by using small decorations and add-ons. They include ribbon decorations, colorful strings, suspended mini toys, customized stickers, or mini gifts attached to make them more friendly and lovable by children as well as scholars.

Pen boxes are a product that needs special care and more hard work to enhance their effect. More effort and more decorations will always be appreciated by buyers. Contact us to learn more about our custom pen boxes.

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