5 Best Trading Platforms To Earn Money 

Overview of trading platforms:

In today’s technology oriented world, now investing in the stock market has become very easy. Trading platforms is also known as an electronic trading platform that is used to buy/sell stocks anytime from any platform.

Trading platforms have eliminated the role of stock broker because you easily analyze your report, update your portfolio, get the market updates and recommendation about the performance of the stocks and their companies.

Overview of trading platforms

So, if you are interested in trading, and looking for the advanced algorithm based trading platforms, then you have come to the right place. In this blog we are going to tell you the top trading platforms that help you to buy/sell and analyze stocks anytime from any platform. So, let’s get started.

Top five trading platforms to earn money:


Ameritrade is one of the most popular and advanced technology based trading platforms. It comes with all comprehensive features like buying/selling stocks, recommendations, portfolio management, technical analysis and so forth. No matter whether you are a savvy technical expert or not, you can easily operate this trading platform.

trading platforms

One of the significant benefits you will get from this app is market updates, you don’t need to watch news or read paper to get the market performance, this platform notify you about the market round the clock. This trading platform charges are $6.95 per trade addition $0.75.


It is one of the cheapest trading platforms which come with a lot of trading features. If you are a beginner not willing to spend rupees on the trading platforms then you should choose Robinhood.

Robinhood trading

This platform doesn’t ask you to pay charges while placing trades. It comes with education and research tools which help you in analyzing your portfolio like buying and selling stocks.

Trade station:

It is one of the best trading platforms that easily execute the orders in no less time. The charges to execute orders is $5 and it is designed for the savvy investors who need high-speed trading platforms. This tool gives you recommendations about the stocks like it is worth to buy/sell or not, offset the risk of losing money by offering market updates and so forth.


So, if you are an experienced trader and looking for the advanced technology based trading platform that come with plenty of features then Trade station is the best platform for you.

Charles Schwab:

If you to operate a trading  platform that offer you 360 trading experience then you should use this platform. It comes with plenty of impressive features that enhance your online investment experience. It is platform independent, you can run this platform at desktop, web browser and mobile as well.

Ally Invest:

It is another low-cost trading platform that allows you to trade at the low fees. You can use these trading platforms by purchasing low-valued based stocks to learn the basic concepts of the stock market.

Best trading platforms

This tool is designed only for the novice investor which makes you an experienced investor.

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