Best Cryptocurrency Apps- List of Top Crypto Trading Apps

Never ever has the mobile trading experience been so important in our lives before. The ease with which the smartphone lets you move with the market, trading on your morning commute or in the airport lounge is just compelling.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

But another reason why mobile experiences are so important is liquidity. Without liquidity, it’ll be difficult to trade at prices that reflect the market. Liquidity aids people with tokens by allowing them to trade in a safe environment where they could exchange these tokens.

Keeping this in mind, it’s essential that everyone has an idea of how to use cryptocurrency and why they may want to keep an eye on it. Hence, we take a close look at some of the best Android as well as IOS apps for mining, tracking and storing bitcoins, doge coins and other forms of digital currency. I’d recommend installing one if you already haven’t so that you are prepared for the future of money.

The Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android:


Simply put, CEX.IO is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It helps the users to store Bitcoin and Ether, as well as purchase cryptocurrencies with their country’s fiat currency such as USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. This application is available for download in the Google PlayStore as well as it has a desktop website. CEX.IO is easy to use and it’s simple to navigate around the website.

CEX.IO for mobile Wallet

This crypto app named, Wallet has proved to be useful for the people who find it convenient to check their balance, transfer funds, make payments and many other investment activities with the help of an application. It has promos and cashback, earn money through invites, cryptocurrency send receive and conversions such as PHP, BTC, BCH, XRP, and ETH.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a quick and easy solution for all users who like to keep a tab on current currency exchange rates for varying cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. If you like working with widgets, this is the app for you. There are features that can help to track the favorite currencies easy for you. Bitcoin Ticker is quite useful and is simple enough to deploy.


This crypto-based app, Cryptonator is as strong as its name. It can be viewed as an all-in-one app that provides a wide range of features that is quite useful for a professional trader. A highlighting feature of this app is that allows you to review currencies based on their place in the market at any period of a given month.

Cryptonator app

The Best Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone:


This application provides a friendly interface for users to manage their currencies. Coinbase is fairly popular and has proved to be quite a trusted resource in the Bitcoin world, giving its app credibility in the community. It’s easy for all the Coinbase users to sell, buy and manage Bitcoins and their accounts.

Coinbase App


With an app like CoinCap, the users will have access to real-time market data and related information which will make dealing with cryptocurrencies more efficient. The app lets you make your Altfolios to stay in sync with cryptocurrencies. The daily or weekly updates on the app ensure you don’t miss out on any important thing.

Coin Stats

Coin Stats is best-suited for those users who want regular updates about their investments and other information. Using the features of this app, you’ll be able to view analytical market data as well as price data on over 1000 cryptocurrencies. It is made to be compatible with multiple languages along with English. It has a dark theme as well.

HODL Real-Time Cryptocurrency

HODL Real-Time Cryptocurrency is an app that helps its users connect with global exchanges that show you real-time charts and prices. You can keep track of everything for your cryptocurrencies. This app is made so that its users to stay up-to-date with the necessary information by getting filtered tweets and breaking news stories from reliable sources.


In the coming times, the market of cryptocurrencies is going to be fast and wild. With the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, every day new cryptocurrencies are emerging, old ones are dying. There have been cases wherein the early adopters get wealthy and investors lose money. In order for all of us to stay updated about each and every cryptocurrency, I’d recommend downloading and installing these apps as it’s going to turn the world around in terms of money. Using crypto-based apps is also the best way to invest and get profitable returns.

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