5 Places To Visit In Winter – America Guide

Americans have the heart of a wanderer. The sheer number of tours that the Americans take is incredible. Every year Americans take around 2.29 billion domestic trips. They also take 93 million outbound tours to foreign countries every year.

The United States welcomes around 79.6 million international visitors every year. All of these data confirm that the US is a tourism hotspot.

There are hundreds of reasons why anyone wants to visit the US. But the most obvious reason is the most astonishing tourist spots. Who does not want to visit Times Square in New York, walk around Central Park, or have some Cinnamon Rolls In Las Vegas?

But, what about winter? What are the best places to visit in winter in the USA? Ever thought about that? Maybe you haven’t, but I have. So, here, I will talk about the five best places you can visit in the USA during winter.

Traveling Essentials for Winter

Winter trips in the USA are ‘COLD’! So, you need to prepare for a cold trip, especially if you are traveling in the cold regions of the USA. Packing the essentials is the first step of a trip. Here are some of the things you need to pack-

  • Jackets:  well, this is obvious. You cannot go out in the winter without jackets, especially when it is snowing.
  • First Aid Kit:  Winter or no winter, you cannot go traveling without a first aid kit.
  • Thermal inners: thermal inners will trap the heat of your body and save the trouble of wearing bundles of clothes
  • Boots, Gloves, Scarfs: you need all three of them if you want to survive the cold USA in the winter.
  • Moisturizers: winter is cold and dry; you don’t want your skin to crack, do you? Moisturizers will keep your skin protected and moisturized.

Winter Tourist Spots In USA 

So, here are the five winter traveling places in the USA where you can go-

North Pole, Alaska 

Ever wanted to spend a chilly night in the North Pole? Frozen lakes in Alaska and the paradisiacal settings of the north pole will make your heart warm in the winter; pretty ironic, right? But it is one of the best places to visit in December in the USA.

You can see the magical light of Aurora Borealis here in the North Pole, Alaska. It will be a lifetime experience for you, I’m telling you. Alaska does not have a lot of people. It has only a population of 2740.

You can experience the best time of Christmas here in Alaska. There are lots of festive activities, lights, Santa Claus, gifts, parties, snow, and northern lights waiting for you in the North Pole. So, what’s on your mind? Are you going?

New York City 

A winter trip to the city where aliens often visit is the best winter trip you can plan this winter. Oh, sorry to confuse you (Pardon the Hollywood fanatic), but I’m talking about New York City. Christmas Eve in the flashy city of billion lights that never sleeps is irresistible.

With the various Christmas parties and Thanksgiving, you will never get enough of the festive mood of New York City. Ice skating in Central Park, the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre, dining in the dazzling restaurants is some of the treats waiting for you in New York.

If you are willing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in New York, you can have the best of everything in New York.

Key West Florida

Take yourself away from all of the worries and tiredness of the world. If you are thinking of postponing your trip thinking about your pocket, this is your trip. In Key West, you can have a splendid vacation. Nightlife, shopping, and water sports are some of the best sides of a trip in Florida.

You can do a lot coming to Key West; cruising, snorkelling, scuba diving, bus tours are some of the fun activities you can do here in Key West. In addition, you can have serene dining in one of the beach restaurants here.

If shaking off the monotony of life is what you want, then Key West is the key.

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Gliding on the vast bright slopes of Colorado can add the cherry on top of your winter thrills. So, if you don’t want to spend a winter sitting around, come to Colorado. Here you will have the best downhill skiing resorts in the USA.

Are you worried about your pocket? Don’t worry; you can get luxury and budget-friendly skiing experiences here. Telluride, Aspen Snowmass, and Steamboat Springs are some of the most famous skiing destinations.

The whole region is full of snow-covered downhill slopes. You cannot have a better skiing destination than this one.

Vail, Colorado 

Have a blast in Vail, Colorado. If you love winter sports, then you can visit Vail. Vail has the best snow experience in Colorado. You can get your eyes drunk on the beautiful town of Vail. Here also, you get a great skiing experience in the iconic terrains of vail.

A winter outing with your partner may be the best plan to visit vail in winter. You can have a classy dinner in Vail. From exquisite hotels and ski resorts, you get everything here.

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If any of these winter trip destinations are on your list, I won’t blame you for stealing my thoughts. A traveller knows his destination, right? Also, if you are in Vegas, don’t forget to visit Batista Restaurant Las Vegas. Anyway, planning a trip in the winter is not easy, always remember to bring some extra money; winter is festive, who knows, you may end up buying a truck full of souvenirs.

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