5 Key Questions To Ask Before Buying A Gemstone

Gemstones have always been valuable and extensive entities since the time of antiquity. They have been appreciated since the times of discovery in ancient ruins stretching back thousands of years. Their mystical abilities and astrological benefits add value to them.

Indeed, gemstones like blue sapphire are both valuable and expensive. As a result, it is necessary to ask a few relevant questions about gemstones through their sellers.

Buying A Gemstone

Does The Gemstone Have A Certification?

Because these days, there are a large number of fake gemstone sellers selling colored or synthetic gemstones. Therefore, gemstone certification has grown in relevance. These laboratories evaluate gemstone authenticity rigorously in a fixed environment.

For certification, an experienced gemologist examines its cut, color, transparency, carat weight, fluorescence, and treatments. For instance, a piece of  blue sapphire gemstone jewelry can set the ambience by exhibiting the gemstone’s value through its certification.

Before buying a gem, you must have a gemstone certificate. This certificate will provide you with all of the information you need regarding the gemstone. This will help you understand whether the stone is worth the price of the gem.

What Is The Gemstone’s Origin Or Source?

A genuine question that must be asked is if it is a natural certified gemstone and its origin. Knowing the origin of a gemstone is significant since it is directly linked to the stone’s quality. The provenance of a gemstone’s origin determines its qualities and properties. For instance, the finest Kashmir blue sapphire stone is more premium than Ceylon blue sapphire.

Are The Stones Authentic Or Natural, And Its Proof?

While most gemstones are treated to improve their appeal, their appearance may vary. The authenticity of gemstones is one of the most crucial issues that should be asked of gem suppliers to meet your expectations.

Natural gemstones have many imperfections when they are directly unearthed from the soil. Because of their nature, no two stones will have the same appearance. Treating gemstones because of their extremely fine purity can indicate the presence of a synthetic stone.

We will recommend that you examine the gemstone for inclusions and scratches before purchasing it. Or visit a skilled gemologist to determine whether or not the gem is natural.

Is There Any Treatment Done To Gemstones?

No doubt, larger and treated gemstones are adored for their beauty and luster. But before choosing a stone, you must inquire with the seller about any treatments performed on the gemstones. Almost all gemstones have inclusions and impurities. Because gemstones are typically retrieved from mines as rough crystals. They are then further trimmed and polished to show off their beauty. However, a gemstone loses its genuineness through these treatments. As a general rule, for gemstone purchases, a reputable and genuine gemstone vendor will provide relevant information regarding the various gemstone treatments. Before making a purchase of natural, certified gemstones, you should inquire about the following treatments:

  • Heat Treatment: A heat treatment is mostly used to improve the color of a stone.
  • Irradiation: Gemstone irradiation is the process of intentionally irradiating a gemstone in order to improve its optical qualities.
  • Fracture Filling: Fracture Filling entails filling minor cracks on the surface of a gemstone.
  • Diffusion: In a diffusion treatment, the surface of a stone is exposed to particular chemicals mixed with intense heat in a furnace. It has the ability to drastically alter the original hue of a gemstone.

Will This Gemstone Provide You With Astrological Benefits?

It should be mentioned, only natural gemstones can have the intended influence on a person’s life. It is also critical to determine whether the gemstone will suit you. Wearing or carrying the gemstone associated with your zodiac sign or birthstone is thought to improve your life by bringing you better health and fortune. So, before purchasing a gemstone, consult with an astrologist or a professional gemologist. For example, Blue sapphire is the perfect September birthstone.


We at Navratan always recommend purchasing certified natural gemstones. It included asking the correct questions of the seller. To prevent acquiring imitation gemstones at high prices, our team of dedicated, proficient jewelry experts is there to educate regarding authentic gemstones. Our mission is to ensure the legitimacy of a gemstone and bring out its worth for the money you’re paying.

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