10 Social Media Tips to elevate your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing has provided the finest way to conduct your business, and social media channels offer a prominent niche to popularise your brand. Social media marketing can generate the right traffic by engaging customers to drive sales and get the expected ROI.

In this competitive market, many marketers are already involved in specific strategies to boost their business sales. Amid this, it becomes imperative for you to improve your business visibility and promote sales rapidly. Even if your brand is mastered on social media sites, the global penetration rate is still concerning. As most people worldwide are active on social media platforms, it’s necessary to win over these platforms to gain maximum benefits.

Social media marketing can either be vibrant or disappointing when generating leads and getting advantages. But the secret lies in knowing, analyzing, and conducting things strategically.

Through this article, we will explore the top 10 social media tips that will help you make your brand on social media sites.

1. Identify the goals and audiences

Before starting with anything, it is recommended to do goal setting. You can use the Smart goal setting strategy to make a solid framework for your social media campaigning. Once you have defined goals for the social media sites, decide who your target audience will be. So, don’t forget to do your research and give a good amount of time to look for suitable people. The message you want to deliver will go wasted unless you have a relevant audience in mind. Also, when you create a desired persona for the buyers, you give a direction to your content that will be guided to relevant people and engage them properly.

2. Choose the social media platform

Your aim should not be to be available on all social media sites. However, it is essential to create your impact on the few selected social media sites. Plan your presence accordingly to streamline your goals and target audiences. You must pay attention to the platforms as per the targeted demographics.

You must also treat each platform differently. People generally use the same message for all social media sites. However, it is a wrong practice. To make your presence felt on social sites, you must consider each platform’s unique features and functionalities. To create a massive follower base, your strategy should be creative while considering what can attract different people out there.

3. Opt for social media marketing tools

If you have a business profile on multiple platforms, manually posting on each can be cumbersome. But, if you go for social media marketing tools to get this monotonous job done, life can be easy!

Several tools such as HubSpot are in the market to post your updates automatically on social media sites while also helping to evaluate the analytics. The purpose of such tools is to stay ahead of time and make scheduled posts as per your content calendar. Using these tools, you can schedule tweets, posts, and pins with relevant hashtags and mentions.

Furthermore, to add some glam to your posts, you can opt for a decent video editor like InVideo that lets you do easy editing with sound and visual settings. Options for various video editors exist, but the best video editor is one that meets all your needs. While choosing a video editor, you must consider factors like usability, aftersale services, and efficiencies.

4. Use emoticons

What can be a better way to express emotions than emoticons? Well, if you use emoticons, you can smoothly convey the desired tone of your message. This strategy works well, and as with plain texts, the message cannot be misinterpreted. When you can use emoticons, the message looks attractive and drives readers excited.

5. Don’t hesitate to pay for social ads

You must be open to paying for social media ads for channelizing marketing. Paid ads can be used on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. However, it is not recommended to directly go for a fancy deal wherein you need to shell out lots of money. You can start slowly, and if you find the results to be as expected, you can invest further accordingly.

6. Build relationships

The most critical part of social media marketing is to build lasting relationships. Therefore, you must cater to your target audience and forge your relationship. Your content should be connecting enough to drive people’s emotions and enhance engagement from different communities. The best way to do this is by listening to people carefully and replying to them diligently to improve the follower’s base.

7. Engage them first

The most common mistake businesses make is focusing on lead conversion and sales at the onset. Instead, they need to understand what people are doing, whether they are just scrolling their posts for entertainment or are looking for their products and services. Therefore, you must leverage engagement first by posting images and videos related to your business, followed by enhancing those posts to reach the target audience. When you implement this technique, you will be able to create a strong user base. When you have a good followers base, think about converting them to leads in a smart way.

8. Limit hashtags

Undoubtedly, hashtags work to organize social media posts. They help find relevant content and help you begin the conversation to connect with the customers. But, it does not mean that you flood your posts with hashtags. When you use many hashtags, it can annoy people and drop the rate of engagement. Using just 3 to 4 suitable hashtags in a single post is better.

9. Create quality content only

You should not post just for the sake of posting on social media sites. Your posts should be quality-made and feature fine visual content to improve engagement. Keep away from overdone and fancy posts; make your content look simple as it’s easy to understand. With attractive visuals in your post, you can generate more traffic and enhance sales.

10. Analytics

Know your audiences and generate more traffic with analytics. To amplify your performance, you must track your social media data closely using analytics. When you evaluate analytics, focus on things like page views, followers, number of posts, clicks, likes, and shares. Some tools can help you track social media analytics. And their results can be used for making plans and strategies for future posts.


To keep your social media marketing game up, make use of these easy tips. These tips help leverage sales and bring other benefits to keep you ahead of your competitors in the market.

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