Why To Use AR For Your Employee Empowerment

Technological advancements have resulted in making today’s workplace automated. High end mobile technologies are being used to ensure seamless workflow processes and smooth communication. With a variety of applications in use today, the list is growing with time. AR or augmented reality is one such technology which is used by businesses across industries all over the world to grow and develop. The ways through which this technology can be utilised are becoming accessible increasingly and its significance for the business owners are truly invaluable.

Before getting to know its implicational benefits let us first understand its meaning.

What is meant by Augmented Reality

Contrary to VR which brings in a total change in your surroundings artificially, AR picks up elements from the real environment and then creates the desired environment. In our everyday life, hardware used for AR is readily available. Modern day smartphones have all the ingredients required for this technology-input devices, display sensors and processors. Key tools needed for AR include-solid-state compasses, accelerometers, GPS, and cameras. You can hire augmented reality app developers to avail customised solutions and train your workforce to deliver trending products and services for creating benchmarks.

How AR can benefit your training process

AR in the workplace can strengthen the comprehension and learning abilities of both experienced and trainee employees. In addition to this, it helps in lowering learning curves, enhancing employee engagement, ensuring safety awareness and reducing training costs.


This aspect is of utmost importance when it comes to learning something by doing. AR helps in providing ample scope for hands-on learning in an interactive and in a structured manner. Trainees can use physical devices and practice their tasks in real time. This can be done according to the user’s pace and is free from the pressure of performance expectations, managers and customers. Augmented reality app developers can make your training content engaging to indulge the users learn better and with efficiency.


This is another important aspect of AR based training programs. As some job environments are inherently dangerous, training sessions are also equally intense. AR contents facilitate in imparting training without the risk of endangerment or injury.

Training expense:

While the initial cost to set up an AR training environment is high, the equipment can be reused. The users can have their own hardware as cell phones. Moreover, apps and AR headsets can definitely play the role of costly classes and seminars.

Practical implications of AR enabled training

In the current age of digitization and globalisation, AR is being used by plenty of industries. For example the retail sector uses this technology for simulating complex interaction with the customers. This apart, domains like manufacturing, military, healthcare also use AR extensively to enhance the core competencies of their resources and stand out in terms of productivity and quality.


In this field it is really a bit challenging to avail hands-on experience on tasks without risk factors. But with AR this obstacle can be reduced as the students can learn about anatomy and practice surgeries in a controlled and safe environment.


From easily accessing complex instructions to seeing an overlaying of parts on real models, AR has actually taken the aerospace industry by storm. While on one hand army professionals can be trained via AR, on the other hand, scientists can also carry out various expeditions from the comfort of their office spaces.


This sector relies extensively on AR because of its transformation in terms of working capacity and process maintenance. AR headsets provide step by step instructions in real time to the workers and facilitate the trainers to give feedback during practice sessions. For welders this particular technology is excellent as they can practice often and learn faster. AR technology used in manufacturing also uses images, voice commands and videos to sustain interest among the trainees. If you look for collaboration, then AR glasses can be used to share an idea.


Product training can be accessed by employees through scanning. This apart, AR enhancements can also be used for the purpose of onboarding. From meeting the team to touring the sales floor AR makes it all possible easily to get familiarised with the company. As both safety procedures and sales training can be learnt using AR, trainees can find a retail environment favourable for customer communication and  business transactions.

Thus hope you have got some idea about how AR can bring in the much needed transformation in your training contents to keep pace with the diverse tastes and preferences. A reputed mobile app development company with expertise in AR can be consulted to make the solutions exclusive and immersive.


Are you planning to incorporate AR technology in your training programs? Well you can have an idea about its benefits and how to retain your workforce with enhanced abilities from the above discussion. Now based on your scope of training you can focus on your core objectives and use AR for increased revenues and profits.

Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, an eminent name to reckon with in the realm of mobile app development. His business skills and love for technologies can make your solutions desirable to make brands popular and successful.

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