Top Resort Near Bangalore


The old name of Bangalore is Bengaluru.The capital of Bangalore is Karnataka. Bangalore is famous for its park and nightlife. Bangalore is widely regarded as the “Silicon Valley of India.There  people spoke in kannada language. Bangalore is famous for its peace and beauty.

Bangalore is a very famous city in Karnataka for tourists. There are so many famous things to do. Their food is so famous and tasty. It’s culture and language is so amazing. Many famous places belong there. The views of Bangalore are so amazing, especially night views. The night View looks so beautiful. Their scenery is so amazing. The beauty of Bangalore is very famous all over India. Their night scenery is  beautiful. People called Bangalore the city of silicon. The most famous sweet in Bangalore is Kayi Holige.The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore. Bangalore is a very attractive destination in India

There are so many resorts near Bangalore for spending our weekend. The resorts are so costly for tourists. Some of the popular resorts in Bangalore are given below

Guhantara Resort

When you stay in this resort you feel like you are living out of the world. The lake is so beautiful. It is designed by wood and the beauty of this resort is so amazing. The peaceful setting of this resort is so commendable.

Shilandra Resort

The Shilandra resort is famous for their art and sports. The beauty of this resort is so beautiful to see. The Nature of this resort is so amazing. The experience is like no other one in Karnataka you can feel.

Taj Bangalore

Taj Bangalore is a 5 star luxury hotel in Bangalore.The decor of this resort is so expensive and the design of this hotel is so amazing and fine. The interior of this hotel is so expensive. This hotel comes under a very expensive hotel in bangalore.

Palm Meadows Club

The Palm Meadows club is a club in Bangalore but you can stay there for some days. It is such an expensive club. The interior of this club is so luxurious.All the decor is complete with wood.Furniture is so good.The greenery of this club is so beautiful to see.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat

The Shreyas yoga retreat is a perfect residence for you and your loved ones in Bangalore. The interior is designed to think about couples. There are so many gardens .The boutique is so classy. Couples can enjoy themselves  with their loved ones.

Wonderla Resort

The Wonderla resort is the best for a family group trip. You can enjoy them with your families.

There are lots of fun adventure parks, pools, toy rides, water slides, fountains and many more things to enjoy with your families. The room’s facilities are too good. And all the rooms are so big according to families.

Golden Mile Resort

The Golden Mile resort is a very beautiful resort. There are so many rooms. This resort is famous for its garden and plant’s. The view of this garden looks so pretty in the evening because of the lighting. It is located around 29km from forum mall,and all the rooms are so big.

Radiant Resort

The Radiant resort welcomes their guests with their lovely garden. This garden grows so many plants and flowers. Plants and flowers are the beauty of this resort.

This resort gives you modern comfort.

Our Native Village

The Our Native Village resort will give you a feel like you are living in a village. This resort is designed to make people feel like they live in a village. All the interior design is like a village. Overlooking stretches of golden paddy fields,and topics of this eco friendly resort.

The Serai Kabini

The Serai Kabini is a 4 star resort. This resort gives you natural feelings. This resort is designed with natural views. This resort has an open air pool and hot air tub.

In Bangalore there are so many famous resorts to stay for spending our weekend with families and friends. The facilities at all the resorts are so amazing.All the resorts are full with plants and flowers. There are so many fountains in all the resorts. Some resorts are so expensive and luxurious. All the resorts have 5 star facilities.The interior of all the resorts is made with wood, stone and pillars.

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