Samsung Pro Plus Micro Sd Card Evaluation: Take Everything in Every Inch

In contemporary times, since media content has experienced years of barbaric growth, it has gradually begun to move towards professional subdivision of vertical fields, and carry out content extension and hodgepodge content output. It has been unable to satisfy modern audiences, niche independent, and interesting individuals. Like it.

At the same time, the professional vertical of content promotes the subdivision and evolution of content production tools. It can be seen that more and more professional tools are entering the market at a very rapid rate, whether it is from professional photography or post-production. The processing hardware PC, and even the updated iteration of professional production software , can see the professional vertical, which has become a new upsurge in the content consumption field.

01. Important upgrade of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

Recently, the world’s leading storage giant Samsung Brand Storage has launched the Samsung PRO Plus series of memory cards targeted at professional users. This is a brand new version of the series. According to the official introduction, this time Samsung PRO Plus series memory card, according to the difference of application scenarios and matching equipment, there are two sequences, one is SD card products used in the field of large-scale photography, and the other is used in small personal mobile phones, Micro SD card products in areas such as aerial cameras.

Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

Previously, the author has conducted an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the Samsung PRO Plus SD card sequence, so let’s take a look at the upgrades and changes of the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card today.

  1. Significant improvement in the performance of the new UHS-I protocol
  2. Distribution of Samsung card readers to solve the embarrassment of the “last mile” of data transmission
  3. Born for professionalism, actual performance, after-sales guarantee, product anti-counterfeiting, “relaxed” for content creation

As a new upgraded sequence, the Samsung PRO Plus series memory cards have made bold attempts in appearance and accessories. All series have adopted a more modern and dynamic color scheme, and all are equipped with card reader products produced by Samsung’s original factory. , To solve the awkward situation of data transmission “last mile”, Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card is no exception.  Save with Samsung Discount Code NHS and  Samsung Discount Code and Samsung NHS Promo Code

Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

In the main color matching, the previous classic three-color design scheme of black, white and gray is abandoned, and the modern idea of ​​collocation with white characters and charming blue as the core is adopted, which is different from the conventional design ideas. This kind of color scheme is more youthful and energetic on the whole, and is more popular. The love and pursuit of contemporary young people.

In terms of identification, in addition to the regular brand and product names, what is worth paying attention to is the line of protocol specifications at the bottom of the memory card. From left to right, the SDXC protocol, UHS-l protocol, U3 specification, A2 specification and V30 specification are distributed in sequence. It is this series of protocol specifications that laid the foundation for the high-performance transmission of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card.

02. Behind the high performance of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

Among the many protocol specifications, the most noteworthy is the newly upgraded UHS-l protocol. According to official and author measurements, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card uses the newly upgraded UHS-l (DDR 200) protocol.

The so-called UHS-l protocol, namely Ultra High Speed-I, is the first generation of ultra-high-speed bus interface used for SD cards. In this mode, the memory card can reach a maximum clock frequency of 208Mhz and a bus speed of 104MB/s, which is also the maximum theoretical value that many memory cards can reach;

The Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card uses the faster performance DDR 200 mode, which significantly improves the maximum clock frequency and bus speed, and finally achieves a higher transmission efficiency of 160MB/s.

In addition to the transmission protocol, the multi-layer stacked flash memory particles built into the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card are also an important factor in achieving 160MB/s high-performance transmission.

Manufactured by the original factory

As the world’s leading flash memory manufacturer, Samsung has been committed to launching higher stacking, larger capacity, and stronger performance flash memory particles to promote the progress and transformation of the global storage market. At the same time, Samsung is the only company in the industry that all memory components are self-produced. With the advantages of advanced flash memory and self-produced components, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can have a longer product cycle before it is produced, so as to realize the calibration and debugging of the internal components of the product, and allow the built-in firmware and product components to be updated. Long-term running-in and adaptation ensure that under the same transmission protocol, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can always maintain stable and efficient performance during long-term work.  You can submit your guest post article at Write for us and Baby Products, Sports Direct Discount Code

Randomly equipped with a card reader

As for the card reader product, similar to the previous Samsung PRO Plus SD card design, it still adopts a black and white design, a pure white body, a black base, quite minimalist, and a sense of high quality. In terms of core parameters, the card reader supports USB3.0 The interface can meet the transmission performance requirements of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card.

03. Continuous performance test of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

Through a simple introduction of internal and external core controls, we can know the theoretical basis for Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card to achieve high performance. Then, in actual testing, what is the performance of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card? Now enter the test link.

In the testing session, we will conduct a more comprehensive analysis of the performance of the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card in three dimensions through continuous performance testing, comprehensive performance testing and actual performance testing.

In terms of continuous performance, we use two software, CrystalDiskMark and ATTO benchmark , for comparison and actual measurement.

CrystalDiskMark is a classic test software that can perform custom tests with different queue depths according to test needs, and quickly present test results.

ATTO Benchmark is also a classic data testing software. Its biggest advantage lies in its ability to understand the memory, its performance under different file sizes and transmission states in a concise manner.

ATTO Benchmark

Combining the CrystalDiskMark and ATTO benchmark tests, it can be seen that the maximum continuous read speed of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can basically reach 160MB/s, and the maximum continuous write can also reach 120MB/s, which is mostly maintained compared to conventional Micro SD cards. At a speed of 100MB/s, Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card has significant performance advantages, which can provide professional content creators with faster data transmission and further improve the efficiency of content creation.

04. Comprehensive performance test of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

In the comprehensive performance test, we use the newly upgraded PC Mark10 professional version of the built-in data disk benchmark test project, which can simulate the relevant application process according to the data storage characteristics to measure the comprehensive performance of the test product in data storage, and give The corresponding value.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS ,  Amazon Discount Code UK ,  Amazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code  and Amazon Discount Code

PC Mark10 data disk benchmark test

In the PC Mark10 data disk benchmark test, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card has a total score of 248 points, and the maximum bandwidth has reached 39.54MB/s, and the average access time has reached 674 microseconds. Compared with other memory card products horizontally , This kind of performance can be called top level.

The comprehensive performance test reflects the actual application performance of the memory card products to a certain extent. In order to explore the actual performance of the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card, the author will simulate the daily use of content creators, which will be stored in the card. The data is directly dragged to the desktop for post-material processing, and the duration and speed performance of dragging to the desktop are recorded to demonstrate the true performance of the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card.

Actual file transfer

In the actual performance test, by observing the transmission trend and specific values ​​in the figure, it can be seen that the performance of the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can always be maintained at 140MB/s during the actual transmission process. From the beginning to the end, the data transmission is There were no major fluctuations.

This fully shows that, on the one hand, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card has an advantage in absolute performance, and on the other hand, it is an outstanding feature in stability.

05. The safety and quality of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card

In addition to extreme performance, as a memory card product, quality assurance of data security is the focus of professional attention. In terms of quality assurance, Samsung branded storage has always been the industry benchmark. In the memory card field, Samsung’s first 10-year limited warranty is the motto for the best product quality.

The new Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card is no exception. This memory card also supports a 10-year limited warranty. Of course, the warranty is only an outward performance of quality. The core part is the core particles and long-term built-in Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card. In the adaptation, it has many versatile performances including waterproof, anti-extreme temperature, anti-X-ray shock, anti-magnetic shock, anti-drop, anti-abrasion, etc. In addition, according to official tests, the Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can withstand up to A drop of 5 meters and up to 10,000 insertions and removals, according to repeated insertions and removals twice a day, 10,000 insertions and removals, are enough to support the limited warranty of more than 10 years.

All-around protection

As for data security, Samsung brand storage starts from the source and provides a unique anti-counterfeiting mark for all its memory card products. Users can log in to the Samsung official website, download the corresponding identification software, and plug in the Samsung memory card after the installation is complete. The product can be automatically identified after opening the software to see if it is a genuine Samsung product.

Product certification ensures data security

Through the anti-counterfeiting of the product, the data security prevention and control and warning people are realized from the source of the product, so that professional content creation is no longer interfered by additional factors, and content creation is more professional and pure. This is also the ultimate of the Samsung PRO Plus series. Pursue.

06. Section heading

Whether in performance or product design, Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card has excellent performance, which also determines that the modified memory card has greater adaptability in application scenarios.

Diverse application scenarios

Based on the powerful and stable performance and the original quality, Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card can be easily applied to the storage expansion of personal smart phones, without fear of product quality causing mobile phone incompatibility or other problems; at the same time, stronger performance can make The Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card completes the recording of 4K-level material, meeting the storage needs of small professional devices such as drones and aerial cameras; of course, as for more trendy complex application scenarios such as underwater cameras and GoPro, Samsung PRO Plus Micro The SD card can help professionals to capture and store wonderful moments by virtue of 6 all-round protection measures.

Multiple capacity options

At the same time, the storage capacity of Samsung PRO Plus Micro SD card has also been improved, with a storage capacity of up to 512GB, which can meet the ultra-high capacity requirements of most professional users for data storage; in addition, it is designed with 128GB/256GB, etc. Different storage capacities to meet the personalized storage needs of more different users, allowing them to easily expand the storage needs of other devices such as switch handhelds and tablets in addition to professional content creation.

07. Generated as a strategy for the profession

When content creation gradually becomes professional and vertical, we need to pay more attention to the core and essence of content creation, and reduce the output interference caused by software and hardware problems.

Samsung branded storage has obviously realized the professional field, or it will be a new direction for storage consumption. Whether it is from last year’s Samsung T7 series or this year’s Samsung PRO Plus series, Samsung branded storage has established a relatively complete set of professional content creation. Product sequence, born for professionalism, has risen from a slogan to a strategy in the Samsung brand store.

For content creation, friends who have more storage needs, the Samsung brand storage full set of content solutions may be one of the best choices at the moment.

Finally, the new Samsung PRO Plus series of memory cards have all been put on the Samsung Storage JD flagship store. Friends who have memory card purchase needs in the near future can buy them directly.

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