Mistakes to Avoid While Installing White Kitchen Cabinet

When you renovate your kitchen, you might want the project to be complete, as soon as possible so that you can start using the space once again. But you should not rush the modern or antique white kitchen cabinets installation process.

In case you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, and install new white kitchen cabinets, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Using the Wrong Dimensions

Whether you are buying a cabinet online or offline, you have to be aware of the preset stock sizes. Remember, they are not always the ideal size for your kitchen requirements. Choosing the preset stock as your kitchen cabinet might not give you the look you desire or dream of.

Every kitchen is unique. Thus, you should know the right measurement to get the right kitchen cabinet sets. So, measure the kitchen space before you get the cabinets. In case you are not able to do it by yourself, you can take the help of a professional to get the right measurements.

white kitchen cabinets

2. Not Calculating or Miscalculating the Ceiling Height

If you don’t calculate or miscalculate the height and size of the upper cabinet, it can lead to many issues. In fact, it might lead to gaps between the ceiling and the cabinet. Also, there might be a wide space between the upper cabinets and the countertop.

In case you have a high ceiling, a standard-sized full kitchen set will look awkward. Hence, you need to search for larger crown molding or cabinets. You have to calculate the height and the upper location and this is going to depend on your personal height. Thus, you need to keep these in mind while measuring.

3. Not Paying Attention to Wiring and Plumbing

The kitchen cabinet placement might be different than what it was before when you plan to remodel the kitchen. Thus, the new cabinet installation process becomes much difficult. Another mistake that you need to avoid making is not considering electrical wiring and plumbing.

While taking the measurements, you need to make sure that you are not interfering with these things. In case the kitchen cabinet arrangement hasn’t been planned out correctly, you might be left with no space to put plumbing or lighting.

If you don’t take plumbing into consideration while planning the kitchen cabinet, you might not have space to place your dishwasher. To avoid this mistake, you can create a diagram of the location of the appliances.

4. Using Low-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you are installing a cherry or white kitchen cabinet, you need to need to make sure they are of high quality. Often when you are on a budget, you tend to opt for low-quality kitchen cabinets. But this isn’t the best cost reduction technique. If you choose low-quality cabinets, they might not last as long as you want them to. When you buy high-quality kitchen cabinets, it can help in saving money in the long run. If you plan to stay in your home for a while, this is an investment worth considering.

5. Not Paying Attention to Functionality

Cabinets are available in different materials and designs. However, they are not all functional. Just the style should not dominate your kitchen cabinet choosing process. If the kitchen cabinet you are choosing isn’t functional, you are going to face unwanted problems in time to come. So, you have to make sure that the full kitchen set you are getting is functional.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you avoid the above-given mistakes when you buy and install white kitchen cabinets. It will help in saving money on unnecessary maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Since kitchen cabinets are the most crucial part of the kitchen, it is important you find the right ones.

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