Free Video editing software like Sony vegas

Many experts and beginners find Sony Vegas Pro to be an extremely flexible and useful movie enhancing and edit-related multimedia program.

Despite its versatile nature, Sony Vegas Pro is unreasonably high priced for many editors and does not have a Mac edition. That is why a high-quality Sony Vegas Pro similar is desirable for Windows and Mac.

A video editor bundled in one, Sony Vegas Pro is packed with over 300 effects, creative effects, and some advanced features designed to make your videos stand out. Sony Vegas Pro is a version of the popular software that comes with a wide range of upgraded tools, along with an intuitive interface, offering maximum freedom to create.

Additionally, the content users create can be quickly redesigned for maximum results, and you have a wide selection of tools to choose from. It has more audio effects to choose from than equivalent software, allows for VST plugins, and has a greater ability to customize tone options than similar software. The pros can easily handle the software since it has easy-to-understand functions.

The quality of the sound and graphics, the detailed information, in-depth analysis, and an array of audio-visual features, effects, and captions lend this software a professional look and feel.

There is a wide selection of free and open-source software like Sony Vegas for Windows and macOS, so you can find what works best for you, no matter what your budget is. Below is some video editing software like Sony Vegas. However, you can also use a paid video editing software called Camtasia at an affordable price with its amazing features. This company also includes new Camtasia discount deal options to attract new customers that can be so beneficial for you to save money.

1)  Avidemux

An easy-to-use editor for various forms of multimedia editing, Avidemux is a popular and freely available multimedia editing software designed to improve video quality. With this video editor, you can customize videos compatible with virtually every type of PC or Mac and any version of the operating system.

This tool is restricted to basic and quick operations because it’s user-friendly and straightforward to use. Buying upgraded editing software is the most sensible option if you intend on performing major post-production tasks.

Editing, compression, and sorting function are a few of the easy-to-use functionality provided by this software.

  • It’s possible to eliminate commercials from a recorded television program and just keep relevant aspects of a program using Avidemux’s clipping feature.
  • Afterward, you’ll find the converter that makes it possible to transform movies between their different file types
  • Filters are available for just about any movie or sound in the editing section, as well as for pictures as well.


  • Free Software – Because the software and add-ons, or modules, are all freely available, it can be enhanced to surpass the abilities of the well-known software applications, if the user has a little technical understanding. The software is no longer up-to-date, so users will probably need to do some programming to make it useful in the future, but it used to be free and easy to use.
  • Various file types available – The editors of all professional media modifying tools can support importing and exporting the popular types of media, so there is no need to modify or convert. The program can handle DVDs, AVIs, video files, MP4s and a wide range of other video formats, and convert them as needed in regular format, HD, as well as 4-percent quality when necessary.
  • Interface that is easy to use – The interface is quite user-friendly and very simple to work with. As long as users are familiar with the fundamentals of trimming and altering video, this software doesn’t require any significant knowledge or education to make good use of it.
  • There are several video filters available – An advanced editing system allows video modifying, processing, and other advanced features, including transitions, filters, and other useful functions. Inexpensive media tools are seldom equipped with features such as advanced filtering like these, and they’re just as powerful as the tools used by popular software.
  • Control over the editing process – With this program, you can trim, combine, and remove data from a number of sources in detailed, full-featured editing mode. Unless the user prefers to work with a specialized Apple movie file, they allow you to capture, load, convert, combine, and enhance footage with just one piece of software.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Avidemux


  • Adapts to common media types
  • Free software
  • A complete set of standard functionality is available
  • It is quite straightforward to understand the layout
  • Advanced rendering, sorting, formatting, and customization options


  • Insufficient assistance
  • The UI needs to be renovated since it’s very old
  • Updates are not available

2)  Power Director

A video production program developed by CyberLink, PowerDirector provides powerful visual effects functions. It offers an array of easy-to-use functions in its feature-rich film editing program.

As a result of the application’s user-friendly design, both beginners and experienced users alike can seamlessly use this program without sacrificing modern editing tools currently valued by beginners, casual users, and industry experts alike.

Users are able to customize it according to their degree of competence and level of security. With this software, you can easily create stunningly professional-looking outputs by using images, recordings, and on-the-fly footage.

  • This is a program developed specifically for videographers with the need to take in, process, and transfer the latest high-resolution 2K and 4K footage.
  • In this application, 360-degree features are introduced that will allow you to move, enlarge, and place an embedded point across a video clip to improve the clarity and smoothness of unsteady footage capturing and apply editing to your clips.
  • Among the many features of this film processing application are support for high-speed devices, post-production tools, and high-quality color encoding and exporting.

This is subscription-based software with several pricing options, each with their respective advantages and expenses.


  • Video modifying and enhancing tools are available in PowerDirector including a powerful and flexible program. The software is capable of processing, modifying, and sending high-quality recordings, such as extremely HD 4K footage.
  • There is no doubt that this software offers numerous options for designing professional-looking multimedia projects on the fly. For example, its high-performance editor is a less complex variation of the complex tools present in advanced video applications.
  • There is also a Magic movie wizard in the basic video editing section, which will instantly create high-quality multimedia content on your behalf. Simply drop in your footage, choose your design and musical accompaniment, and the simple editing tool will do the rest.
  • As you choose from footage, the wizard sifts through the video and extracts only the highest quality video clips. These are then put together in a complete working model using its unique method of computation.
  • A collection of video templates are available with the Express project management feature. As you browse through the clips and choose the most appropriate footage on the software, it guides you to complete the workflow.
  • With 360-degree filming functionality, PowerDirector demonstrates a commitment to advancing creativity. Take a closer look, move, and establish reference positions while browsing video footage with these tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Power Director


  • Recording from screen
  • Most efficient performance
  • A tracking system for motions
  • Layout that is easy to understand
  • The capability of 3D and 4K
  • There are a lot of animation
  • Editing with multiple cameras
  • One of the utmost powerful 360-degree capturing editors available


  • A poor match of colors
  • The design may seem complicated due to the variety of features offered

3)  Corel VideoStudio

With Corel VideoStudio, you’ll have an extremely simple way to design and produce visual content. It’s the industry’s most powerful and respected 64-bit video production software. With this powerful video editor, users have the ability to generate 4K and 1080p videos in a snap.

Among the capabilities and functionality offered in the software are simple alterations, animations, visual effects, virtual movie editing functionality, and add-on support.

  • A schedule-driven user as well as a plan-driven user can use the program.
  • Many kinds of file types of video clips can be used as source material, and the resulting video can be converted in different file types.
  • Additionally, HDV and DV recordings can be made with this audio-visual software.

Whether you are just starting out or are experienced, no matter what level you are, Corel VideoStudio is the most powerful movie editing software on the market.


  • The interface of VideoStudio is intuitive, uncluttered, and easy to use, making it an ideal editing option. As well as providing quick access to most of the essential functionality, the GUI is easy to use and highly accessible. Even better, you can organize the various components within the layout in a manner that meets your unique needs.
  • There are a variety of useful features, a top-notch soundtrack editor, and a panel of multimedia modifying features you can access just by tapping on the menu. Each of the functionalities is accompanied by a quick demo that guides you on how to utilize it.
  • Moreover, you will be amazed at the real-time visuals for every animation and each title. It gives you a chance to experiment with the outcomes without actually using any.
  • Moreover, VideoStudio provides 360-degree visual enhancing capabilities and a powerful editing tool. You can create 360-degree videos and turn them into normal movies that can be displayed on normal DVD players and TVs using the appropriate software.
  • Aside from being compatible with the latest 4K technology, the program additionally offers a number of options of high quality.
  • Also, the sharing functions, including instant posting to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Fivver, are highly impressive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corel VideoStudio


  • Easy to understand – Regardless of whether a movie editing program is expensive or not, there is a feature that buyers seek regardless of the price. Because multimedia editing applications with a straightforward workflow are suitable for a variety of user types, including beginners and advanced users.
  • The Split-Merge Process – Adding graphics and instrumental audio to videos is not the only way to enhance them in VideoStudio Pro, additionally, it is possible to separate and combine the clips according to your needs.
  • There are many templates available – In terms of the amount of pre-built layouts, VideoStudio Pro undoubtedly stands out as the most impressive software for a budget-friendly video processing application. Almost 85% of customers say their videos are edited throughout by using free templates and effects.
  • Interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use – A sleek and uncluttered appearance enables VideoStudio Pro to streamline the process of editing. Since the software is so user-friendly for both dummies and experienced users, it isn’t difficult for anyone to figure out how to use it.


  • Prices are higher – There have been many criticisms about the expensive purchase price of Corel VideoStudio Pro, in particular when purchasing the software for the first time.

In their analysis, the consumers remarked that it would be useful if they could evaluate the functionality that VideoStudio Pro offers with those of other video editing software, since the original seemed to lack as several capabilities as they do.

  • Time-consuming video editing – Even though VideoStudio Pro appears to be among the more simplified interfaces, there are some features which might make editing videos more difficult. It will take you slightly more time to find the desired results here due to the lengthy search process.

4)  Lightworks

A powerful yet affordable tool that is accessible to every individual is Lightworks. Your organization or a particular assignment can benefit from Lightworks, whether you are just starting out in your position or you have years of working in the industry.

One of the most impressive capabilities of Lightworks is its real-time retouching capability, which is capable of editing images up to 4k (High Definition). By using Lightworks, you will be able to play any videos, whether they are SD or HD.

Considering its functionality, Lightworks is so comprehensive that you should not encounter any challenges during the use of this program.


  • YouTube movie clip content can be uploaded without any hassle – With Lightworks’ right-click menu, you can effortlessly upload movies to YouTube. By right-clicking a media file in the library, the editor window, or a project, users immediately have the option of directly uploading it to YouTube.

With this function, uploaders have the option to choose a resolution, video quality, as well as entry meta tags to make their multimedia search searchable online after export.

  • Techniques for dragging and dropping – Lightworks’ drag-and-drop functionality allows users to make adjustments to videos and films. It is essential for users to first gain an insight of the software’s visual user interface in order for them to comprehend how the software works.

The top layer of Lightworks is composed of various sections: bins, edit viewer, and timeline. As media files are dropped into bins, a preview is shown in the edit viewer as it is being edited. Users can view a timeline of clips that can be viewed in sequence. A video clip or image can be moved and placed inside the bin into the editor window with Lightworks.

  • Utilize keyframes when performing animations – By keyframing footage and recording adjustments, Lightworks allows users to apply their own effects. By setting the keyframes in footage clips, users can determine how the effects will be applied. The properties chosen for every keyframe will determine whether the modifications are performed. In the case of movie clips, for example, they can make use of a wriggling action at different points during the performance. This will focus attention on certain attributes or characters.
  • Scheduling of video – Also, video processing software allows the user to add special animations to videos through a process known as video routing. With Lightworks, you can create and manage footage clips, thanks to its node-based architecture. Multi-track footage and clips that include effects require this method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lightworks


  • Many effects can be used right away
  • Editing in 4K with on-the-fly animations
  • GPU performance of 32 bits and histogram software
  • Shortcuts for the keyboard
  • The ability to create and share video and audio content for free
  • Videos can be easily accessed on the internet


  • Neither Split nor Merge are available
  • It is impossible to use video stabilization
  • It is not possible to edit 3D videos

5)  OpenShot Video Editor

Video editing program for Linux operating systems such as OpenShot Video Creator are a freely available and non-commercial application. Known for its scalability, easy-to-use, and easy-to-navigate interface, this software is very simple to use. Take advantage of this editing software to take advantage of its broad range of editing capabilities.

In this editor, you can edit the movement of the camera using curves, video composite, sound adjustments, motion flows, and vector graphics, among other features. In the video post-production field, this is the earliest time that a video program offers the ability to edit the animations that you can only find on very few editing platforms.

  • Node-based sound handling is a distinctive capability of this application, which will make its processing capabilities extremely effective.
  • With curvature-based keyframes, this animation system rivals Hollywood packages. With professional frames-per-second reverse processing and professional rendering will make increasing and decreasing frame rates seamless.

OpenShot Video Editor has a packed list of functions such as cross-platform video editing, support for audio, video, and image formats, powerful curve-based keyframe animations, an unlimited number of layers, previewing in the browser, composite editing, 3D animated titles, frame-by-You can edit video frames, encode video clips, digitally zoom in on video, create transitions, conceal, and more.


  • Movie editor which works on multiple software environments (Linux, Mac, and Windows).
  • Creating sound mixes and modifying them
  • ( Speed changes, fast-forward/reverse, etc.) Tempo changes and fast-forwarding/reversing
  • Accurate frames-per-second footage ( moving from frame to frame as the video plays)
  • Numerous file types of footage, sound, and pictures are available
  • Animate shapes with key frames using shape-based transitions
  • Integrate with your desktop (support for dragging and dropping)
  • You can have an unrestricted number of paths and surfaces
  • The ability to modify clips: cropping, shrinking, editing, capturing, spinning, and chopping
  • A fully featured presentation (with click and dunk, swiping, navigating, zooming, and snapshot features)
  • Illustration titles (and animations) in 3D
  • Designing titles, creating title subheads, and using heading templates
  • The process of composing, overlaying images, and adding watermarks.
  • A seamless transition between videos with on-screen demos

Advantages and Disadvantages of OpenShot Video Editor


  • If you choose to send in 4K Ultra HD 720p and 2.5K QHD 60 frames per second with no digital signature, OpenShot will do this for you.
  • This is a free and very easy-to-use service. It doesn’t cost anything to get it.
  • The program can be converted online with LaunchPad and includes translations in over 70 different languages.
  • It has many video editing features, such as editing, cutting, rotating, dividing, and combining videos.
  • Free online tools such as color filters, title editors, chroma keys, and audio tools are available to use.


  • Once video effects have been applied to a clip, they are nearly impossible to control.
  • Video editing on a laptop usually leads to program malfunctions, especially as laptops are more prone to malfunctions than desktop computers.
  • There is no such thing as fast video processing.


How serious you are, your budget, the equipment you have, and how good of a video editor you choose will determine which application to use. These days, you have a wide selection of products to choose from.

To find out which alternative to the sony vegas video editor is best for you, browse our in-depth reviews of enthusiast-level video editing software.

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