10 Best Android Face Swap Apps in 2022

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’re probably aware that Face Swap is the newest craze. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen individuals exchanging pictures by swapping their faces with another person on your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Those amusing and appealing social media photos frequently make us thinking how we might seem with a different face. The good news is that you don’t need to be a photoshop wizard to swap people’s looks; cellphones make it simple to do so.

There are a plethora of Face Swap applications on the Google Play Store that allow you to switch faces with only a few clicks. We’ve compiled a list of the top Face Swap applications for Android in this post. It’s worth mentioning that while there are a plethora of Face Swap applications for Android, not all of them are worth your time.

The Top 10 Face Swapping Apps for Android

We’ve only included the most well-known and well-respected in this post. Let’s take a look at the top Android Face Swap applications.

1. Face Switch

Face Switch is, without a doubt, one of the most amusing Android applications available. Face Switch allows you to combine two faces to create a whole new one. It’s essentially a face swap software that will enable you to have fun by mixing and altering the photos of your loved ones. It also has several picture modification settings, such as Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation.

Face Switch

2. Reface

Reface is one of the few face swapping applications available for Android. You may change your face into celebrities or movie figures with the Android app. What’s more fascinating and distinctive about the software is that it allows you to add your face to GIFs. To do so, the software analyses your facial characteristics using data from a photo, then inserts those traits on the heads of celebrities, movie scenes, and GIFs.


3. FaceApp

FaceApp is essentially a selfie editor with a playful twist. FaceApp lets you add fantastic effects to your picture photographs, grow a beard or moustache, alter your hair colour and style, and more. Face Swap and Gender Swap are also included in the app. You may quickly exchange faces with pals using the Face Swap function. You could view what you’d look like if you were a different gender on the gender swap.


4. Face Swap Booth

Like all other face switch applications, Face Swap Booth allows users to swap faces with their pals in real-time. It’s not a well-known Android software, but it’s a sophisticated tool that will enable you to change your look with anyone else’s across numerous images. What’s more, after switching the faces, users may add a variety of custom overlays and a unique set of masks to make the picture even more amusing.

Face Swap Booth

5. Snapchat

Well, Snapchat is one of the finest and highest-rated Android apps on the Google Play Store, offering users the most entertaining method to share moments with friends and family. Snapchat was also one of the first apps to enable face-swapping. Snapchat masks can switch faces. To apply the face-swapping effects, users must use the duos filter. Holding down the shutter button on Snapchat allows users to capture the face change footage.

Snapchat for faceapp

6. Face Swap

It’s yet another top Android app for swapping faces on the list. You may either snap a picture using the camera or select images from the gallery to change looks. Auto face identification, face adjustment, face scaling, and flip faces are just a few of Face Swap’s main features.

Face Swap

7. Face Swap by Wombatica Gold

On the other hand, face Swap by Wombatica Gold is another top Android software that makes face swap videos more accessible than ever. The software is well-known for its clever real-time filters. Face Swap by Wombatica Gold may also be used to apply a variety of different face masks, such as adorable animals, cyborgs, and zombies, in addition to face swap.

Face Swap by Wombatica Gold

8. Face Swap – Live Face Sticker

Face Switch: Live Face Sticker could be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for an Android face swap software that allows you to place numerous things on your face. The software has many unique effects that may be used to create a shot both elegant and amusing.

Face Swap – Live Face Sticker

9. Space

Space is a simple Android photo editing software that allows you to cut and paste your face into a photo. The software, however, does not function automatically; to cut a look, you must manually draw a path on a face in a picture. Only the chosen course will be utilised for the face swap. The best part is that all of the looks you’ve cropped will be kept in the Face Gallery and may be reused.


10. Photo Face Swap

Photo Face Swap is, without a doubt, one of the most excellent and most highly rated Android face swap apps accessible. You can change faces in your photographs with Photo Face Swap. Not only that, but the app is also very user-friendly and gives the most accurate results. It also allows you to publish images straight to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Photo Face Swap


So there you have it: the top 10 free Android Face Swap applications. I hope you found this helpful post! Please pass it on to your friends as well.

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