6 Must-Visit Maldivian Locations

6 Must-Visit Maldivian Locations

The Maldives, formally known as the Republic of Maldives, is an island republic located southwest of the Indian subcontinent in the Indian Ocean.  Male Maldives is the capital of Maldives and the most significant commercial hub. With 1190 islands scattered across 26 atolls, Maldives is among the most popular beach destinations worldwide since it has … Read more

Weather in Dubai


Dubai is known as an international destination and the best travel destination. Where skyscrapers are the identity of this place, in which places like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Mall are well-known buildings all over the world. which presents unsurpassed proof of its architecture to the world. Apart from this, the city … Read more

Best Restaurant in Turkey


Turkey is the most important country in the world when it comes to cooking style, amazing taste, and food presentation. People are drawn to this country because of its diversity, which is profoundly affecting when compared to other countries. If we look at a globe map, we can see that it is situated in the … Read more

Sar Pass Trek – The Full Story

sar pas

Sar Pass, in the Pin Parvati Valley, is an optimal trek for novices. This trek covers all landforms like glades, moraines, valleys, mountains, and so on, and it offers a rich encounter for the trekkers. The trek begins from Kasol, which is a shelter for hipsters and individuals needing to encounter the bohemian approach to … Read more

Kasol Tourism And Travel Guide

Kasol Tourism

Kasol is situated in Himachal Pradesh, on the banks of River Parvati among Bhuntar and Manikaran. Aside from being supplied with rich normal excellence, charming scenes and stunning setting up camp and trekking spots, Kasol holds the qualification of being known as ‘Little Israel of India.’ Kasol has a huge Jewish impact and draws a … Read more

All About Kedarkantha Trek 2022

kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha top situated in the Garhwal area of the Himalayas is perhaps the most cherished treks in India. Kedarkantha top at an elevation of 3800 metres (12500 ft) above ocean level is in the Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand. Hence, the Kedarkantha trek is finished by trekkers in the colder time of year. Indeed, many explanations … Read more