The Best Skyrim Mods to Improve Gameplay

The Best Skyrim Mods is without a doubt one of the finest role-playing games ever made. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the fifth instalment in the series, and it was published in 2011. It’s been seven years, yet the game is still being played by over 10,000 continuous gamers on Steam (Source: SteamDB). The game itself has more than 100 hours of material, and if that becomes tedious after a while, you can always apply Skyrim modifications to spice things up.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the finest Skyrim modifications that will keep you hooked on the game for a long time. We won’t go into detail about the Skyrim visuals mod, but we will discuss the most important ones. Don’t worry; we’ll also cover some of the finest Skyrim special edition modifications for PS4 and Xbox. If the mods fail to wow you, our recent post on the top games like Skyrim may be of assistance.

What Is the Best Way to Install Skyrim Mods?

There is no one-size-fits-all method for installing a Skyrim mod. It frequently varies based on the portal from where you obtain it (for PC). If you own a console (Xbox One or PS4), all you have to do is download the modifications from Bethesda’s library. If you download a Skyrim mod from Nexus Modifications, for example, you must follow their official procedure to manually install the best Skyrim mods.

If you download the modifications from Bethesda’s official site, read the instructions outlined in their official help page in any scenario. You might also consider installing the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), which is available for free on Steam, to make the most of the modifications that support it.

1. Really Useful Dragons

Obviously, the most bizarre tweaks are the most intriguing. The dragons appear to be in fine shape, but don’t you think they might use a makeover? They certainly do!


If you’re a fan of “The Railway Series,” you’ve probably heard of “Thomas the Tank Engine.” This mod, on the other hand, replaces the typical dragons with Thomas (a character from that series). When the imperial soldier asks, “What in Oblivion is that?” you might as well keep smiling at it. The characters in the game have no idea what’s going on!

The dragon soul can even be transformed into Thomas the train. Have a good time!

2. My Little Pony Mod

Are you sick of calling horses? With this mod, you may summon a magical and adorable character from the cartoon series “My Little Pony.”


This mod may even be installed on Skyrim’s special edition. You may also allow many horses to ride together. You’d almost always wind up travelling with them as friends, or you might even enter a race with them.

3. Heart Breaker

With this mod, you may add a superb kill move to make things even more nasty and intense. The heartbreaker mod allows you to do a finishing technique that allows you to rip your opponent’s heart out (violent!). It also adds a “Human heart” to your collection.


4. Relighting Skyrim

The original game may appear dim in some areas, or the lighting may appear unusual (unrealistic). You may remedy this by installing this mod, which improves the lighting in many areas. You should notice a number of spots that are “brighter” or “balanced” in terms of lighting effects after using this update.


5. Autotuned Singing Bears

It is, without a doubt, one of the funniest Skyrim modifications ever made. The bears you encounter will sing an auto-tuned melody instead of roaring. This mod is featured in the Nexus modifications section, along with instructions on how to use it.


6. Macho Dragons

Are you dissatisfied with the trained figure that has taken the place of your dragon? Don’t worry, you’ve got something much better. The dragon is replaced with the Macho persona, which features voice clips for a genuine experience, and is inspired by an intercontinental world heavyweight champion.


7. Explosive Chickens

The chicken mod is one of the most intriguing Skyrim modifications. You may summon chickens that explode when they come into touch with your weapon if you have this mod loaded. So, by calling the chicken force, you can devise a strategy to eliminate the adversary once and for all. It only takes one hit to kill and blow away your opponent.


8. SkyUI

It’s one of the most well-known Skyrim modifications available. It alters the way you keep track of your inventory. With this mod loaded, managing the stuff is a breeze. To retrieve a certain item from your inventory, you would normally have to scroll for a certain amount of time. However, this mod adds in the organisation of your inventory by classifying it and allowing you to sort objects by value/weight.


9. Race Menu

Only a few customising choices are available in the game. However, the Race Menu mod gives you a lot of options for customising your character. It doesn’t matter what aspect you’re looking for; it’ll be there. You may alter details like as height, body colour, facial measurements, depth, and so on. This is the greatest mod to use if you want to make a unique character that represents your personality.


However, you must have SKSE installed in order to use this mod.

10. Audio Overhaul For Skyrim 2

The game is undeniably a superb RPG, but the sound in Skyrim isn’t up to par. So, if you want to increase the sound experience, you may apply the Audio Overhaul mod to boost the sound effects and make it more immersive.


It improves the battle sound system, weapon impacts, ambient (interactive) noises, magic, mobility, and the revert system, among other things.

11. Skyrim Unbound

It is, without a doubt, the greatest alternate start mod available. This Skyrim mod allows you to turn off the intro scenes, so you won’t have to bother about interacting with the characters or listening to their lines when you restart the game. Once you’ve chosen the alternate start, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in manipulating your start as much as you like. It allows you to pick your spawn position, choose your headgear, equip your chosen armour, toggle clothes, load up with a set amount of money, and delay the spawn time of the dragons.


12. Interesting NPCs

This mod is the finest thing you should attempt if you want to interact with non-player characters and have a full experience in the game. There are a lot of characters here, and there are a lot of intriguing talks. There’s nothing better than this if you want to add meaningful NPCs to Skyrim.


13. Immersive Armors

In Skyrim, there are just a few armour options. This mod, on the other hand, will bring a range of armours in a lore-friendly manner. I think the armours are fantastic. Why don’t you try it for yourself?


14. Immersive Weapons

It helps you improve the range of weaponry available in the realm of Skyrim while also improving your gaming experience, similar to the previous mod.


15. Skyrim HD

Let’s be honest: Skyrim isn’t the finest game in terms of cinematic experience (considering the latest game titles). If your PC can support 2K resolution textures, you might want to attempt this graphics upgrade to improve the visual textures for a more immersive gaming experience. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Skyrim graphics mods available.


16. Ultimate Follower Overhaul

This Skyrim mod lets you add as many buddies as you like. You may also add custom dialogues to the companions you’ll be adding using the command option. It has a number of specific functions for controlling and interacting with your buddy.


17. Convenient Horses

You don’t want to ride a pony instead of riding a horse? Don’t worry, you can configure a lot of things to control your house with this mod. You may, for example, change the horse’s level of hostility. It also enables you to let your buddies ride their own horses.


18. Immersive HUD

The HUD interfaces and pointers are not for everyone. You can change the HUD’s transparency, deactivate the crosshair, and toggle them with custom hotkeys when you need them using this mod.


19. Wet & Cold

The outfit design isn’t quite right for the in-game weather. However, when you install this mod, it will change the attire of NPCs, companions, and your character, as well as introduce interactive features that symbolise your character’s connection with the weather (like water dripping from your cloth).


20. Campfire

The campfire mod is the one to install if you’re seeking a best Skyrim mods that adds a survival element to the game. It includes a distinct skill tree and a variety of camping equipment, allowing you to make a variety of items in need to live. What’s cool about this mod is that if you’re a modder, you can even make your own camping gear.


21. Frostfall

Frostfall is a good compliment to the preceding mod. It has various unique game features, as well as frigid weather, which necessitates the use of the campfire mod in order to live.


22. Requiem

One of the greatest Skyrim modifications available, which serves to improve the RPG experience in the game. The mod is highly beneficial since it allows you to level up your skills in order to smash your opponents while simultaneously making it more difficult to face adversaries that are more powerful than your skill set can manage.


23. Enhanced Blood Textures

Enhanced Blood Textures is one of the greatest PS4 Skyrim modifications available. Of course, because this is an older game, the blood textures aren’t as realistic as they might be. So, if you wish to improve your battle experience, the blood textures mod should be able to assist you.


24. Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul

The pleasant NPCs have a lot of personalities. However, you may add this mod to your library to make it more unexpected and immersive by making the NPCs respond to risks in a more realistic manner. After installing this mod, the number of unique talks will nearly double. As a result, have a blast engaging with the NPCs!


25. Unofficial Skyrim

If you have the special edition on your console, you already know how problematic the game is. As a result, you might wish to add this mod to your collection. It contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements that will improve your Skyrim experience.


26. Surreal Lighting

This incredible Skyrim PS4 hack adds beautiful colours, lighting, and cheery weather to the game. It’s a simple tweak that works by changing the game’s saturation, contrast, and brightness, and it’s rather amazing.


Final Thoughts

After learning about the top Skyrim modifications of all time, you should begin exploring them one by one. We highlighted a small number of modifications that are quite outstanding (including the greatest Skyrim special edition mods). However, there are many more options accessible (and still more getting introduced).

So keep this post bookmarked since we’ll keep it up-to-date if something new is worth installing.

What are your thoughts on the mods we’ve discussed? Have we forgotten about one of your favourite Skyrim mods? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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