Best Cloud Storage For iPhones

If the person buys an iPhone or Apple product. They buy the product for premium and privacy purposes of mindset. But the apple products don’t have extra storage, so people are very troublesome. So they are thinking about how to increase storage at this time cloud storage is the best option but you don’t know which is the best cloud storage for iPhones is best for their phone. So today I suggest some cheapest cloud storage for apple products.

According to the people, we categorize the cloud storage for a person totally specified to the product.

  • Price
  • Easy to use interface
  • Privacy
  • Extra features

#1 Pcloud Storage

Pcloud provides you best services for the iPhones and they also maintain their privacy. Pcloud is a Switzerland-based company. It gives you a 10 GB free space that is very good cloud storage for iPhones. Also, with the help of pCloud discount code, you can grab heavy discounts on it. It is assigned to you a task like sharing a pcloud cloud storage to family and friends they are gives you more free storage.


Pcloud pricing plan

free premium Premium plus Family Business
Cost per month/year/lifetime free $4.99 / $47.88 / $175 $9.99 / $95.88 / $350 $500 / $1,000 (lifetime only) $9.99 per user / $7.99 per user (no lifetime plan)
Storage capacity 10GB 500GB 2TB 2TB/4TB 1TB per user
no. of users 1 1 1 1 TO 5 Unlimited
File version 15 DAY ✔ (30-day) ✔ (30-day) ✔ (30-day) ✔ (180-day)

Easy to use interface:

The interface of the application and the software is very important for the person who is using this on time. The interface of the pcloud is user-friendly for the beginner and for the professional level. That’s why the cloud storage for iPhones interface is easy to use.


If you go for the best cloud storage for iPhones so privacy is your first priority because the apple product gives you full privacy, As same the pcloud gives you more privacy options like the passcode and pin option also an OTP option for extra security.

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Extra features:

The extra feature in the pCloud is you have the option of you sharing and uploading an unlimited size of files and documents. The upload and download speed is very important for the storage, so the pCloud storage download and upload speed is unlimited. Unlimited is like it depends on your internet connection.

#2 Mega

Now in the second number, this is mega for the best cloud storage for the Apple users. Mega is also used in both android and apple and the best thing in the mega is they give 20 GB more than any others. MEGA  comes with end-to-end encryption is the best cloud storage for apple users.


The price of the mega is very low for the users and for the apple users where all things in online purchase are expensive, so that deal is very good. With the help of voucher code, you will get its plans at following prices:

Pro lite Pro lite I Pro lite II Pro lite III
PRICE (Rs) 420.43 841.70 1684.24 2526.78
STORAGE 400 GB 2 TB 8 TB 16 TB

In this table we are sharing the price of the mega individual plan for the customer.

Easy to use

It offers to our users the best cloud interface for the user is using cloud storage. They don’t have a problem using it. Mega try to ease the work of our client.


The main key in cloud storage and for the Apple users who are searching best cloud storage for the iphone is very important. The mega is provide the end to end encryption for our users the chat and data are safe and secure.

Extra features

Mega is providing the main features for the user like chat facility video and call facility with the help of end-to-end encryption. They also give the passcode facility for our users and the zero-knowledge encryption is very best for Apple users

#3 Degoo

The best thing in the degoo cloud storage. They gave us 100 GB of free space for the new user. Degoo is the swizz base company. The apple users are very happy to hear about the 100 GB some users are facing the storage problem for him this is the best cloud storage for apple users.


The price of the degoo cloud storage is quite good as compared to others. They gave us only 500 GB or 10 TB at prices of $2.99 and $9.99 respectively. In the paid plan you access the zero-knowledge encryption.

Easy to use interface

The interface of the degoo is very friendly and the apple user and other users are easily accessing the files, documents and images.


The security of the degoo is a major issue because the main security has come with the paid plan but the plan has come with less amount with more storage.

Extra features

Some are the most important features are the AI feature. This feature has specified the images and video arrange the type of date formate.

These are the top cloud storage service providers for iPhone that we have included in this list. All of these are completely safe and will help you to save all your files remotely.

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