8 Best AnyWho Alternatives of 2022

Are you an AnyWho user who is frustrated with the site’s minimal information? Do you want to learn about more websites that are similar to AnyWho? Then we need to make sure you’re at the proper area. AnyWho is one of the internet’s most reputable people search engines.

For those unfamiliar with people search engines, it is a tool that allows you to look up a person’s past and other information by using his or her name or location. There are a few additional unusual uses for a person’s search engine that we’ll examine later. AnyWho was utilised for this purpose for a long time.

However, the site has recently limited the amount of information in its reports. As a consequence, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that are functionally equivalent to it and will provide you with even better search results. In this list, you’ll discover both free and paid choices.

In 2022, here is a list of the best AnyWho alternatives.

1. TruePeopleSearch

Instead of AnyWho, you may utilise this well-known persons search engine. From trustworthy servers, the site gives credible information about an anonymous person. TruePeopleSearch, for example, collects information from local governments, organisations, and government agencies. Information from Facebook and other social media sites is also taken into consideration.


TruePeopleSearch’s user interface is rather good, with a simple navigation option and a noticeable search box. You may use the search box to look for individuals by entering their names and places. Furthermore, the tool is completely free to use and requires no registration.

2. Instant Checkmate

The Online Trust Alliance has named Instant Checkmate as one of the top people search tools. With only a few pieces of information, you may learn a lot about a person and their location. For example, to get an individual’s information, one can utilise contact information, addresses, or the names of family members.


Because the platform’s data is gathered from public sources, websites, and social media, you can trust it. You can also double-check the specifics of the source stated in the report. As a result, if employed correctly, Instant Checkmate will be quite useful.

3.Been Verified

It’s a people-finding tool with more features than AnyWho. The most useful feature of BeenVerified is the number plate search, which can be used to determine who owns a vehicle based on its registration. You may also obtain information on a person’s employment and other general characteristics.


Furthermore, a specialised property search engine may look for homes based on the name of the owner. If your forefathers had left any ambushed establishment for their descendants, this may be of use to you. In BeenVerified, you may use both free and paid services.

4. Spokeo

Our next AnyWho alternative is well-known for mining public data and social media for information about people. Spokeo has a search feature that allows users to find out more about someone by entering their name, email address, or phone number. To obtain reliable findings, the platform employs unique deep web technologies.


Spokeo also provides a reverse search feature that can find a person’s social media profiles, images, videos, and other publicly available information. However, because Spokeo relies on public sources, you shouldn’t expect it to always give you the information you need. Nonetheless, the programme is useful because of its features.


INTELIUS will assist you in determining how people are linked to one another and tracing their family tree. You may also use the tool to look for an email address, phone number, or other contact information. However, because it collects data from US public databases, all searches are limited to the United States of America.


The service was also useful for looking into an anonymous’s background information and criminal history. The sole disadvantage of INTELIUS is that it is not available for free. The plans start at $4.99 per month and go up to $25 per month depending on the services you choose.

6. Truthfinder

Truthfinder is another person’s search engine that might be a good alternative to AnyWho. The person’s search engine, which is exclusively available in the United States, is well-known for producing accurate results. Furthermore, the tool is designed to be simple in order to facilitate navigation and provide an intuitive interface.


Truthfinder supplies you with the data you need, from a person’s Facebook page to his police record. With Truthfinder, you may also look for a specific location’s crime history. If you need to settle in a new location, this option comes in handy.

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7. Whitepages

It’s an AnyWho alternative that has all of the functionality you’d expect from a people search engine. Furthermore, White Pages search 33 million public data for an individual to offer consumers with accurate information. If all other options have failed to complete your task, White Pages may be your final recourse.


You’ll receive a comprehensive personal report that includes your address, phone number, properties, family members, and more. Whitepages now includes Android and iOS applications that can be used on cellphones. It’s a great tool to employ all around.

8. PeekYou

This is a relatively new person’s search engine to which you can turn. PeekYou has a user interface that is simple to use and a robust search function. To obtain the information you seek, the platform searches across thousands of data sources.


Furthermore, PeekYou’s performance will astound you, and it may be considered the quickest of the AnyWho alternatives. You may use PeekYou to look up someone’s name, location, and contact information, among other things. The information must, however, be registered in the United States.

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