Picking Out the 7 Best GST Billing Software In India

In spite of India being at the center of an IT revolution, even today, roughly about 65% of Small/ Medium Enterprises(SMEs) create a paper entry for their transactions, that is, they develop bills on paper. Since the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax in India, the complex and indirect tax system of India has been changed into a more streamlined and systematic approach following GST Online Registration.

In spite of its poor implementation, there is no doubt that GST will have only positive effects on the country in the long run. But in order for it to be a success, people need to buy into the idea. This is not an easy task in India, especially since not everyone understands how the entire system works.

best GST billing software

This is why there is a dire need for GST billing software. This software needs to ensure that your filings comply with all the GST norms. There are several reasons for using a GST billing software such as more accessible filing of data invoices, enhanced data security, better management of documents while following GST norms, cost and time saving, the utilization of artificial intelligence as well as the ability to highly modify the software so that you can get the best performance suited to your needs.

Listed below are 7 of the most useful software out in the market that can make filing your GST returns after completing your GST online registration an absolute breeze.

1. Tally ERP 9

This is one of the best GST billing software out there that is available to small businesses. It is preferred by over a million SMEs in India alone. Tally ERP 9 has an embedded GST feature in its accounting system, and the software works extensively with the user to make a user-friendly and reliable software. It can be used once you’ve completed your GST Online Registration.

Tally provides a number of highly optimizable features that allow businesses to use it very effectively. Some of the features are:

  1. Allows you to access your business data from anywhere in the world
  2. Multiple stores and companies can be managed simultaneously from a single device.
  3. Tally can collect data from multiple sites without hampering the business and workings of that site. This data can then be turned into more useful information.
  4. The tally comes saddled with the TallyVault feature. This feature secures your data and generates keys that only you can use to access it.

2. Marg GST Billing Software

Marg ERP is a very user-friendly software. This software allows you to convert a bill to any form that you need in and then send the invoice via email. Marg ERP is, in fact, a GST ready accounting and inventory software. It is capable of managing your accounts, confirming your bank transactions, tracking inventory and allows you to perform GST online registrations easily.

Key features of Marg ERP:

  • Online storage and back up: Marg ERP allows all users to backup their data to Google Drive and One Drive. Having your data saved on the cloud enables you to access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Notifications and alerts system: This system enables users to get customers to get specialized messages on their registered phone number.
  • Bill Audit and Dispatch Management: The billing audit ensures that there is no room for error throughout the process of bill generation

3. ProfitBooks


ProfitBooks, launched in 2012, is a popular GST billing software in India. Due to its modern user interface, the GST invoicing facility and a payment system that is integrated it is ideal for growing enterprises, ProfitBooks enables you to manage your stock purchases and sales all through one powerful interface.

Features of ProfitBooks:

  • Allows you to turn your transaction data into insights: This is used to find out sales performance, warehouse stock as well as outstanding dues. This software also provides users with details like items that have been sold and purchased. This helps to save significant time when filing taxes after completing your GST Online Registration.
  • Deals in all major currencies: Being an international accounting software, ProfitBooks supports all major currencies. It even accounts for profits and losses due to currency fluctuation.

4. QuickBooks

Another very popular GST billing software in India, QuickBooks comes with a free 30 day trial for new users. In addition to being relatively affordable compared to other software, QuickBooks allows you to monitor your Input Tax Credit on your purchases to save money.

QuickBooks is more prevalent among small businesses and can be used to send invoices to customers, pay bills, generate reports for planning, tax filing and much more including GST Online Registration. It can be used to create the end of year financial reports as well as do the quarterly and annual taxes.

5. SahiGST

Another GST billing software that operates on the cloud, SahiGST allows businesses to manage their GST filings and reconciliation. The platform automatically assigns invoices from vendors and suppliers. Their systems are built to be integrable and can be adopted for an extensive array of applications. In addition, SahiGST can also handle unique cases very efficiently and also helps you with GST Online Registration.

SahiGST understands that filing GST is an arduous task and offers customers professional support in case they have any trouble. SahiGST’s customer-focused approach, sleek design, ease-of-use, cloud experience as well as its domain experience, makes it a very useful GST billing software for any growing business. SahiGST automatically checks all the files and documents you upload online. They will help you ensure that there are no errors clerical or otherwise when the file is within the GST network.

6. Vyapar

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t want to go through the entire hassle of understanding how Goods and Services Tax works, then Vyapar is the tool for you. Vyapar is a simple GST billing software that can perform tasks like Accounting, Invoicing and Inventory Management. Vyapaar is downloadable on the Google Play Store and comes highly rated. To make matters even more attractive, it is entirely free.

Vyapaar can be used to make instant GST bills following your GST Online Registration. You can also check your inventory instantly, keep track of unpaid bills and make GST filing faster and simpler.

7. LegalRaasta

Tasked with simplifying the financial work for modern Indian Businesses, LegalRaasta is a great tool to have available when needed. LegalRaasta can handle multiple GSTNs with 100% accuracy and auto reconciliation. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, LegalRaasta will try to help save your growing business several hours of work due to its efficiency. If you feel like using LegalRaasta didn’t save you time and money, they also offer customers a cashback guarantee.

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